Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Another great week in Sparks!

Hola everycuerpo!

We have been seeing lots of great stuff happen here in the Rama Vista!

Pre-dinner pose with Elders Gurr, Gonzalez and Torres.

As a zone we set the goal to find 20 new investigators and we did it! 23 new investigators this week! And we were able to find 6 this week, so we are very happy! We have been seeing crazy miracles! We were able to start teaching all of Lupita's family and she really wants her kids to follow suit too if they get baptized. Now we just have to get the husband a little more excited and have her get her answer to the BoM! As well, the Calderon family are amazing member missionaries. They have a neighbor that is down on his luck because of his drinking problem, and so yesterday at church they basically told us to just meet at their house at 8 and that we would teach him! And he is super prepared! He already accepted a baptismal invitation and right after he sat there with the Book of Mormon in his hand and tears in his eyes and said that he feels this is the right path for him already! And he said once his family moves back, he will want to get them involved too!

Tons of miracles we are seeing! Also its like super hot here so that's fun.

Authentic Peruvian meal.

It was Peruvian independence day on Friday the 28th, and some Peruvian members had a huge party for it! And since I'm incredibly handsome they invited us! (It also might have been because one of the other Elders in the Branch is Peruvian). It was super good! Tons of apparently super authentic Peruvian food and what not (I would have no idea cuz I'm gringo). But it was tons of fun and there was even some investigators there!

Not much else this week. Loving the work!

Rain! Finally!

Also it rained, yay!

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