Wednesday, August 30, 2017



Pretty nice week this week! Got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and it was pretty noice.

Exchanges with Elder Schloemer (bottom), Elder Palmer (right)

Learned a lot and that's always good! We were really focusing on talking to everyone and we saw tons of miracles because of it. When we say everyone we mean like everyone! It's great and once you get over the initial fear of going up to random people and talking to them about Jesus it's a lot of fun, too!

Elder Tom Cruise (Cartwright) and his bike

I also did some exchanges with Elder Cartwright. He's in my district and he's Elder Gurr's son. He is just as new as Elder Palmer, just 3 weeks old! But it was a lot of fun and we rode our bikes around. Now Elder Cartwright is someone I would describe as "eccentric." He's 21, he enjoys collecting fine crystal glasses, he owns $1.5K in silver bricks, and he wears sandals in the shower.

Also he has a really freaking nice bike! He let me ride it a little too and I was giddy the whole time.

We as well found two investigators this week. One was by literally yelling at a second story balcony until a guy came out and let us in lol. But we don't care, we're spreading truth!

He got got!

Alsooo, on Elder Palmer's exchange with the other zone leader, Elder Schloemer, they were going up to a group of people to talk to them, and all the sudden one of the black bulldogs that was in the group runs at him at mach speed and attacks my poor greenie! Elder Palmer didn't really know what to do so he kinda just walked off. Then they went and got it checked out and now he has to take pills haha. I think it's really funny, and I am a little jealous cuz I have never really been bit and now I feel like he's more of  a missionary than I am! But it's ok, every dog has his day *rimshot*.

Lambos in Spanish Springs (I prefer the bikes ;)

So yeah that's pretty much what went on this week.

Tried to take more pictures. Picture of dog bike thanks to Elder Palmer!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Eclipsed By Baptismal Dates!

Really good week this week! A lot learned!

However, we had quite a few appointments set and a lot with some potential investigators, and most fell through. As well, a lot of "for sure" investigators at church couldn't come because of 1) family emergencies and 2) personal health problems that arose. Lupita, the one who's family we set with a baptismal date this week (4!!!), actually was kneeling to pray at the end of a lesson and hurt the back of her knee really bad somehow. So she went and got that checked out instead of church :/

Dinner at a member's house.

Smoke from the area wildfires on the horizon.

But it's alright, a lesson was learned, and Elder Palmer (and I) now better understand that you have to just be grateful for what you do have and make plans to improve. We are definitely grateful, because one of our investigators with a baptismal date who has never been to church since I've been here made it to church with her LA husband! It was great! Since we have had quite a few members involved in fellow-shipping at lessons, so many people greeted her and she seemed to really enjoy it! We have been praying so hard about that so we are so excited. As well, not sure if I had mentioned this last week, but a part member family (couple) set themselves for a marriage and baptismal date! They are planning to be married on the 3rd of September, and then get Kimberly (the investigator) baptized on the 9th! We are very excited for them, and I am so sure that they will stay active. They both have amazing testimonies!
As well Elder Palmer's Spanish is coming a long pretty well. He can do the whole first lesson now! Studies pay off!

Noticed this tree staring at us as we rode by.

Lots of great stuff going on here in Sparks. We are hoping to see all of these seeds that we have been planting bloom into some nice fresh pineapples!

My first training as a District leader was last week and it went pretty well I think! It was about listening to the Spirit and adjusting teaching to meet investigators' needs. Lots of good discussion. Also our Mission President came so that's great!

Photo at our recent District meeting.

We went to some members house for dinner and were fed Tres Leches. I hope my future wife isn't lactose intolerant or just loves tres leches enough to eat it anyway like I do because I am definitely having that at my wedding.

I have also been rebuked by some people who shall not be named (dad) for not uploading enough pictures with these so I will commit to trying to do a better job next week!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Greenies in Sparks!

Heyyyyyyy everybody!

Been a pretty good week this week! My new missionary has arrived! His name is Elder Palmer, and he's from Pencil Bluff, Arkansas! He's SUPER Mormon! Like 6th generation with 8 brothers and sisters that have all been on missions! He's also SUPER white, but he's ready to learn the language and listen to the SPIRIT!

Elder Palmer and I ready to get our grub on!

We had a good one for his first week, we found 3 new investigators, all on Sunday morning! As well, we have been teaching a Less Active & Investigator couple (Juan Carlos and Kimberly) who are going to be getting married soon so she can be baptized! We are super excited for that and to see when the date will be. Love seeing the gospel bless these families (or soon to be families)!

Outside pic of my apartment complex.

Golf course across the street. 

Got to do my first baptismal interview for some sisters in my district, so that was lit! As well I have another one today for some investigators of the Assistants! As well I am preparing for my first training on Tuesday, super excited! My district has two new missionaries in it, so we are gonna be focusing on helping them qualify for the gifts and guidance of the spirit so they can hit the ground running!

So grateful for all the awesome opportunities I have been given lately! Count your blessings everyone!

Until next week!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Flabbergastingly Inspired Changes!

Firstly, how the area is doing: We had planned to find 5 new investigators this week but all of the appointments one by one fell through. But we set quite a few more for next week so the work goes on! Also, Lupita and her whole family of 4 came to church this week, yay! We are going to set them with a baptismal date very soon!  Our members are great, though! The Calderon family, who already introduced us to Lupita and her family, introduced us to Juan, their neighbor. He was in a very rough spot but just a week or two ago he decided to stop drinking. He is so ready for the gospel and has already accepted a baptismal date! Member missionary work is the best! 

Our trip to the Temple.

Now, the good stuff! We got our transfer calls last night! I am staying! But Elder Gonzalez is leaving the area, but staying in the Branch! We are opening up a new area here in the Rama Vista, so there will be three companionships here now. He will be getting double transferred, meaning neither him nor his companion have been in the area previously, so they have to start from almost nothing! But I am confident in him! Also, his companion is going to be Elder Maiava, one of my old district mates from the MTC! 

Elders Gurr, Gonzalez Torres and myself.

This is going to be a crazy transfer. Especially because I have also been called to train a new missionary! And.... be a District Leader here in Sparks Zone! In my District will be me, my new companion, then Elder Gurr and HIS new companion (because he's training!), and then Sister Nielson and Sister Hull (new STL). It's gonna be a super lit transfer this next transfer, and this Branch is going to blow up! 

A home-made shrine we ran across.

Also, I almost forgot, we went to the temple on Tuesday, it was awesome!

Hope everyone has a great week! BYE!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Another great week in Sparks!

Hola everycuerpo!

We have been seeing lots of great stuff happen here in the Rama Vista!

Pre-dinner pose with Elders Gurr, Gonzalez and Torres.

As a zone we set the goal to find 20 new investigators and we did it! 23 new investigators this week! And we were able to find 6 this week, so we are very happy! We have been seeing crazy miracles! We were able to start teaching all of Lupita's family and she really wants her kids to follow suit too if they get baptized. Now we just have to get the husband a little more excited and have her get her answer to the BoM! As well, the Calderon family are amazing member missionaries. They have a neighbor that is down on his luck because of his drinking problem, and so yesterday at church they basically told us to just meet at their house at 8 and that we would teach him! And he is super prepared! He already accepted a baptismal invitation and right after he sat there with the Book of Mormon in his hand and tears in his eyes and said that he feels this is the right path for him already! And he said once his family moves back, he will want to get them involved too!

Tons of miracles we are seeing! Also its like super hot here so that's fun.

Authentic Peruvian meal.

It was Peruvian independence day on Friday the 28th, and some Peruvian members had a huge party for it! And since I'm incredibly handsome they invited us! (It also might have been because one of the other Elders in the Branch is Peruvian). It was super good! Tons of apparently super authentic Peruvian food and what not (I would have no idea cuz I'm gringo). But it was tons of fun and there was even some investigators there!

Not much else this week. Loving the work!

Rain! Finally!

Also it rained, yay!