Sunday, July 30, 2017

Lining it All Up!

The work continues onward in the Rama Vista!

We found 3 more investigators this week, and we have been seeing TONS of progress in a few families!

More Dugs!

Elder Gonzalez with a new friend!

One couple (a less-active and a non-member) are planning on getting married soon so that she can be baptized!

And another family is planning on getting divorced to do the same! Divorced from a previous marrige and married into a new one, that is! In Mexican culture that happens like all the time. Mostly because Catholics look on divorce with incredible disdain while ironically under-valuing the importance of the Law of Chastity at the same time lol.

Wilfires in the area recently make it look like something out of The Walking Dead

But anyway, lots of good stuff!

We are lining this up to be a great transfer next transfer. Looks like I may get to become a Trainer! Lot's of stuff coming to fruition looks like.

Thanks for all your support and hope you all have a great Pioneer Day!

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