Sunday, July 30, 2017

Lining it All Up!

The work continues onward in the Rama Vista!

We found 3 more investigators this week, and we have been seeing TONS of progress in a few families!

More Dugs!

Elder Gonzalez with a new friend!

One couple (a less-active and a non-member) are planning on getting married soon so that she can be baptized!

And another family is planning on getting divorced to do the same! Divorced from a previous marrige and married into a new one, that is! In Mexican culture that happens like all the time. Mostly because Catholics look on divorce with incredible disdain while ironically under-valuing the importance of the Law of Chastity at the same time lol.

Wilfires in the area recently make it look like something out of The Walking Dead

But anyway, lots of good stuff!

We are lining this up to be a great transfer next transfer. Looks like I may get to become a Trainer! Lot's of stuff coming to fruition looks like.

Thanks for all your support and hope you all have a great Pioneer Day!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Zone Conference and Miracles

Lot's of stuff went on this week!

Hector's baptism with the The Chavez Family

Firstly, we found 6 new investigators, so that's lit. The work is really pickin up! Also, I got to baptize Hector finally! We have been waiting since basically the first month I got to this area to baptize him and it finally came around. And what's great is that his whole Less-Active family was there at church for his dunk and confirmation (which I got to do too lol), and they have been talking about coming back for more time now, so yay! The Gospel Blesses Families!

Also, we had Zone Conference this week. It was so awesome, lot's of things learned! Also, I got to give a little 5 minute talk about Virtue and some missionaries in our zone have been telling me they have been applying some of the things I mentioned in their own lives! If only I knew how to study like I do now in high school!

Sparks Zone Conference

Posing at Zone Conference

P-day with fellow Zone members!

Sharing a ride with Elders Gonzales, Gurr and Torres

In this branch, we have been really trying to get everyone excited about missionary work. It has taken a while but it seems to be working! An awesome family here just gave us a referral for a family that they have known for 12 years! They are super ready and we are planning on setting them with a baptismal date very soon. Member missionary work yeah! And the whole Give and Get theory with referrals continues!

Trying to stay cool with our AC and two fans.

We got 3 more this week, and two of them are already new investigators! Funny story about that, the other Elders in the branch thought it was for their area, so they went and taught them, but they are actually in our area, so now they have to give them over.. #whoops

Talk to you all next week!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Super Hot July

Espars is a great, but it's really hot!

Loving the dogs!

Speaking of heat, we are laying it down! We found 4 new investigators this week and we are having Hector's baptism on this Wednesday (the one that had to be rescheduled)!

And another dog.

Did I mention its hot here in Sparks?

As well, something I have been doing a lot in this area since I've been here is using the "Give Referrals, Get Referrals" mindset. For those who don't know, referrals are basically when someone else (often missionaries) give you a name and address/phone number of a person that they think could become an investigator. We have given away ALOT in this area since I've gotten here, but have received almost none. BUTTT... we just got word that a really solid investigator just moved into our area, and we are about to meet her tomorrow. So yay! Faith proceeds the miracle!

And one more.

Also, hope everyone had a great America day! We were gonna go watch fireworks and take lots of pictures, but by the time we finished our day, they stopped the fireworks!
It's ok God know's I love this chosen land and that's all that matters!

Trying on a a mask at a member's house.

Not much else going on but we are doing great and my Spanish is making ground!
This random Honduran guy invited us into his house for tacos and he was surprised I even spoke Spanish and then asked which one of my parents is from Mexico because I have a little bit of an accent. wutlol. But yeah, it's doing well!

Found this baby bird after it fell out of its nest.

Learning tons about faith and diligence out here, and it's so incredible to see all the progress these families and individuals are making because of living the gospel.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July and Diligence!

We had a pretty swell week this week.

Unfortunately, the baptism we had scheduled for Wednesday cancelled... on Tuesday. Hector's mom got sick and so we have postponed the baptism for next week. But he will get baptized regardless so it's alright!

Made a new friend!

Also we had to let a few investigators go this week, and a few let us go, so it has been a rough one. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! We brought our investigator Ruben to a baptism for the YSA ward and because the baptizee is Muslim, it's kind of a big deal, so our Mission President and tons of other missionaries were there. Ruben really felt the spirit there and is progressing well toward his baptismal date on the 22nd of July. As well, we set another investigator Carlos for that same date, so we should have a great July!

As well we found a couple more investigators and have tons of appointments set for this next week with potential investigators, so if all goes well we should find a few more soon. This area is great and there is lots of work, but, like every area, it can be frustrating to see so much potential and not be able to tap it. 

Elder G and I car selfie.

Anyways, we also did a lot of biking this week, and it has been pretty fun, and is definitely helping me lose mi barriga.

Also I forgot to mention, last week was transfers but pretty much everyone around me is staying the same. Which is good, because that means I will likely be in this area for 6 months, and at least for 4.5 months.

Cool stuff: We have permission on Tuesday (the 4th) to stay out literally as late as we want as long as we are watching fireworks with members. So we are getting that hooked up and we are gonna have a lit Cuatro de Julio!

There's this scary dog that is always on guard at this one house. He's a Catholic Pitbull.

I am loving it out here and am learning a lot. Not much else to mention, but hope you all have a great week!

There's this scary dog that is always on guard at this one house. He's a Catholic Pitbull.