Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Loving Life in Sparks

Hope everyone had an awesome week!

Zone Conference

I don't have a lot of time, but the week was great!

We had a little bit of disappointment in terms of appointments falling through and a lack of church attendance, but we are still doing well! If everything goes well, we will be having two baptisms this weekend! Arturo and Teresa are awesome and are super ready!

Sparkling cider at Elder Palmer's Birthday present party

Gansta Life

I just wanna add my testimony to all the modern-day Prophets and Apostles by saying that I do in reality know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that it has changed the course of my life in a drastic and amazing way!

Virgin Mary tree shrine

Have a great week yall!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Elder Palmer got hurt again...

We had a pretty sweet week this week! Our investigators are progessing nicely and if everything goes through, we should be having a baptism next-next weekend! 

Eating some mexican food at Costa Vida!

Sun Valley Sunset

Sunset hitting the Sierra Nevadas

This is my puppy-garden, where I grow my puppies.

Also, conference was #lit. Like seriously we received so much spiritual light and knowledge! 

A common Missionary exercise. Changing a flat.

When you use someone else's bike for exchanges. (those are all goat-heads and can pop tires)

Elder Palmer tweaked his neck in morning program and looked super funny the whole weekend. Also it was his birthday so we did some special stuff for that.

Elder Palmer nursing a wrenched neck.

Elder Palmer celebrating a birthday!

I left my self no time to write this week. So sorry! But I hope you liked all of the pictures this week!


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Super sweet week!

Our new babby boy se le llama Elder Sly!  He's awesome! From Florida too so we're a trio of southern Elders!
Here I am with Elders Sly and Elder Palmer

We had a great week together as well! Elder Sly's first week we found 2 new investigators and 3 of our investigators came to church!

It's gettin a little chilly lately, so we popped on our sweaters and went for some bike rides this week. Tons of awesome miracles we saw from it as well.

Also this week we did some service for an investigator of Elder Gonzalez and Elder Maiava's where we helped him clean up his side yard. And at one point I was in control of a gas powered weed-whacker(which I now realize I shouldn't have been #repentance), and so I go to cut some of the weeds but I give it a little too much mustard and the plastic tentacle-blade-things dig into the rock soil and start whipping these little rocks around. So because we are in a side yard that is only a few feet wide, this weed-whacker-rock-machine-gun that I have incidentally created starts to form a tunnel of rocky death, sending a grainy demise to any mis-fortunate creature that crosses the precipice of the investigators fence. And it also just so happens that a gaggle of missionaries and one investigator was standing at the "fun-side" of the death tunnel and I might have pelted each and every one of them with a bakers-dozen of little pepple/rock/sharp glass things. But after I realized the conundrum I had created apologies were exchanged and I'm sure no contention is held! Even though I'm pretty sure Elder Palmer now has a piece of Nevada permanently embedded in his upper thigh. 

Anyway, not much else to talk about this week.

Hope ya'll all have a good one! Be safe! Have charity! Repent!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Here Comes Old Man Jones

WOAHWOAH I'm already gonna be a grandfather, but also a dad again! My son will be my other son's dad! What this means is that I, along with my 6 week old missionary Elder Palmer, will be training another missionary in a TRIOOO! That's like super weird, so we are super excited!!

Elder Palmer and Elder Cartwright, the greenest

We had some pretty great exchanges last week. I went to Elder Gurr's area and we had a good day of Talking To Everybody! Elder Palmer and Elder Cartwright were in our area, running it by themselves for a day! The Lord totally strenghthened them, and they were able to do super well and set up some appointments as they Talked To Everyone by themselves! #GreenieGringoPower!

Sorry, I didn't leave a lot of time for emailing, but things have been super great, and we are all progressing and learning like crazy! Gonna have lot's of baptisms this transfer! Also the district is changing a little bit so that will be fun, lots of new faces to see!!

Us being fat (who puts donut coupons in the missionaries' mail? that's sabotage)

OHMYGOSH I almost forgot, some really awesome members called the Kelly's hooked it up with some CHIK-FIL-A this week! I had not had it in about 1 year! They offered on Friday night like right after we had eaten dinner so I was super stuffed, but I couldn't not eat it so I had to force myself to enjoy a kids size chicken nuggets box and a vanilla shake. But it worked! It was amazing!

I would have pics but Elder Gurr dropped the pelota and forgot to send me them....

Pics next week though!

Have a good week, BYE!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Livin it up in Sparks

Hola a todos!

Sorry about no blog last week, ran outta time since we were emailing in a members home. But I'm here now, and we had a good couple of weeks!

Elder Palmer and I at posing at church.

This week was much better in terms of lessons, and we found two more investigators to teach! A lot of people accepted a baptismal invitation recently, now it's just a matter of getting them to church!

Reno from our bike route!

Gotta lose them lonjas somehow!

We had a few awesome miracles this week as well! On Saturday night we taught Lupita and her two kids. Lupita says she still needs a little "preparation" before she is ready, but her kids want to be baptized so badly! So at the end of the lesson we all had a kneeling prayer and asked Heavenly Father if the 30th of September was a good day for them to be baptized. Both Arturo and Teresa said they felt super warm inside with an "awesome feeling" after the prayer! So we are super excited for them, and so glad they are recognizing the spirit! Also we realized that that day is General Conference, so we might move it a little lol.

We got some "octopus" from the Douglas's (Senior Missionary couple). It was great...

As well, we did have Kimberly (part member family) set with a baptismal date soon, but her soon-to-be husband's mother got sick and they are waiting until after her operation to get married. They said at least 2-3 weeks :/ But it's alright, it doesn't matter when it happens, it just matters that these peoples lives are changing!

we rollin in the toyota slowrolla 

Some cool stuff happened! We got a new 2017 Corolla and it's super nice! Too bad it's summer so we BIKE! Then last week we hit up el parque to have a nice lil BarBeeQue and play some v-ball. Only it was windy so lots of burgers and hot dogs were spilled. But it was still fun! Also I goofed and forgot to take pics of it :/ But I have some other ones!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017



Pretty nice week this week! Got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and it was pretty noice.

Exchanges with Elder Schloemer (bottom), Elder Palmer (right)

Learned a lot and that's always good! We were really focusing on talking to everyone and we saw tons of miracles because of it. When we say everyone we mean like everyone! It's great and once you get over the initial fear of going up to random people and talking to them about Jesus it's a lot of fun, too!

Elder Tom Cruise (Cartwright) and his bike

I also did some exchanges with Elder Cartwright. He's in my district and he's Elder Gurr's son. He is just as new as Elder Palmer, just 3 weeks old! But it was a lot of fun and we rode our bikes around. Now Elder Cartwright is someone I would describe as "eccentric." He's 21, he enjoys collecting fine crystal glasses, he owns $1.5K in silver bricks, and he wears sandals in the shower.

Also he has a really freaking nice bike! He let me ride it a little too and I was giddy the whole time.

We as well found two investigators this week. One was by literally yelling at a second story balcony until a guy came out and let us in lol. But we don't care, we're spreading truth!

He got got!

Alsooo, on Elder Palmer's exchange with the other zone leader, Elder Schloemer, they were going up to a group of people to talk to them, and all the sudden one of the black bulldogs that was in the group runs at him at mach speed and attacks my poor greenie! Elder Palmer didn't really know what to do so he kinda just walked off. Then they went and got it checked out and now he has to take pills haha. I think it's really funny, and I am a little jealous cuz I have never really been bit and now I feel like he's more of  a missionary than I am! But it's ok, every dog has his day *rimshot*.

Lambos in Spanish Springs (I prefer the bikes ;)

So yeah that's pretty much what went on this week.

Tried to take more pictures. Picture of dog bike thanks to Elder Palmer!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Eclipsed By Baptismal Dates!

Really good week this week! A lot learned!

However, we had quite a few appointments set and a lot with some potential investigators, and most fell through. As well, a lot of "for sure" investigators at church couldn't come because of 1) family emergencies and 2) personal health problems that arose. Lupita, the one who's family we set with a baptismal date this week (4!!!), actually was kneeling to pray at the end of a lesson and hurt the back of her knee really bad somehow. So she went and got that checked out instead of church :/

Dinner at a member's house.

Smoke from the area wildfires on the horizon.

But it's alright, a lesson was learned, and Elder Palmer (and I) now better understand that you have to just be grateful for what you do have and make plans to improve. We are definitely grateful, because one of our investigators with a baptismal date who has never been to church since I've been here made it to church with her LA husband! It was great! Since we have had quite a few members involved in fellow-shipping at lessons, so many people greeted her and she seemed to really enjoy it! We have been praying so hard about that so we are so excited. As well, not sure if I had mentioned this last week, but a part member family (couple) set themselves for a marriage and baptismal date! They are planning to be married on the 3rd of September, and then get Kimberly (the investigator) baptized on the 9th! We are very excited for them, and I am so sure that they will stay active. They both have amazing testimonies!
As well Elder Palmer's Spanish is coming a long pretty well. He can do the whole first lesson now! Studies pay off!

Noticed this tree staring at us as we rode by.

Lots of great stuff going on here in Sparks. We are hoping to see all of these seeds that we have been planting bloom into some nice fresh pineapples!

My first training as a District leader was last week and it went pretty well I think! It was about listening to the Spirit and adjusting teaching to meet investigators' needs. Lots of good discussion. Also our Mission President came so that's great!

Photo at our recent District meeting.

We went to some members house for dinner and were fed Tres Leches. I hope my future wife isn't lactose intolerant or just loves tres leches enough to eat it anyway like I do because I am definitely having that at my wedding.

I have also been rebuked by some people who shall not be named (dad) for not uploading enough pictures with these so I will commit to trying to do a better job next week!