Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Amad a otros!

Had another great week! Stephanie Smith will be baptized tomorrow and so that is going to rock! She is awesome and has made a huge change in her life, so we are super pumped!

We found a sonic in our zone!

This last week we went to MLC, and got to learn a lot about ministering. Specifically about caring for a certain person's needs, and helping them individually. Christ ministered with love, and that is what we are here to do as well!

We have been reading the BoM as a mission and we are just about through with 2nd Nephi. I have been learning a lot about how merciful the Lord is, that he truly gives us every possible chance to repent and come unto Him. His hand is outstretched all the day long, all we have to do is reach out and grab it through our obedience! Loving getting to read it so much and loving being a missionary where I am able to proclaim it's truth to all!

Elder Schloemer's late night frog-escapades
Elder Schloemer really likes cloud pictures so here you go!

This week I was able to go on exchanges in the Sierra Spanish branch in Reno, and omg it was so much fun! I miss Spanish so much! I know the gift of tongues is real and that the Spirit brings things to our remembrance, because I was astonished with how not-garbage I was! I mean I wasn't perfect by any means, but honestly I haven't done the best job with keeping up on language study in this area so I thought it would be a lot worse. But it was so awesome to get to serve in a Spanish area again, even if just for a day!

Not much else! Been mega busy but honestly don't even remember what all happened this week. We found a new investigator from Guam, so that was shweet!

Elder Rodriguez!

Also taught a vegan guy, really interesting character!

Hope you all have a great week, and don't forget to love one another!


Last Week

Fun week this week! A few people are preparing for baptism, so we are loving it! Tons of great work to do up in Northern Nevada, and it bring us great joy to be the ones who get to do it!

Zone Conference with Elder Sorensen

Had zone conference this last week, and we got to do a little musical number for part of our training. Wish we would have had someone take a video! But it was great, Elder Schloemer and I had a lot of fun giving that training and getting to see the zone apply it! It was all about finding, and this week as a zone we found the most I think we have ever found in a week since I have been here!


Not much else happened here, went on a few great exchanges that I failed to get pictures of, but we had a lot of fun. Was in a biking area on Saturday, and it was a ton of fun! Biking all up and down the Stead area!

Elder Schloemer and I are doing awesome, and we are seeing tons of miracles out here in the blessed high deserts of Nevada!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Stead and Cold Springs

Great week this week! Lots of fun stuff!

Elder Schloemer and I are having tons of fun up here in Stead and Cold Springs.
One of our investigators and her kids are gearing up and ready to get baptized, as well as a few more individuals who are currently considering their dates!

Working on a training in park while we wait for new tires!

We found another bomb investigator who is so prepared. She just accepted a baptismal date in mid may, but turns out she actually doesn't live in our area! So we will be doing a pass off soon, yay free baptisms for other areas haha! No but it will be really good for that ward!

We have been running in the mornings and biking more often, so the weight should start falling off soon! Except our members keep giving us literal bags of cookies and muffins, soooooooo idk.

A wild Duggo appeared!

Another Duggo!

Anyway, not much else specific to mention. We as a mission are going to be reading the Book of Mormon in 65 days, and I am excited! It has so much power in it, and I am so grateful I can read it literally every day and feel uplifted by it! If you want to join me and my mission in this challenge, let me know!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Coming unto Christ!

Hello everybody! Sorry for no email last week, emailing on phones is hard! Hope you all had a great one though! We have had some awesome stuff go down, though! Like:

Our Mission is now utilizing smart phones, for mission work only.
Its been a while since I've held one of these.

Elizabeth Razo's baptism! It was so exciting! It was the most well attended baptism I have ever been to and there was so much dang food! Sister Razo made some tamales and so that was awesome.

Sister Razo's Baptism!

On Thursday we were able to go to the temple again as a zone, and that's always a blast!

Temple Trip!!!

We got transfer news, and I will be staying in this area again, with Elder Schloemer. That will be awesome! Elder Schloemer has been like a role model of mine since I was in Sparks (like more than a year ago), so I am super excited.

In sadder news, Elder Torres is going home Wednesday! It has been a good 2 years for him and he has fought the good fight! It's been awesome to be his companion, though. There's always so much you learn from each companion, and I have gotten a lot from him.

The results of 18 months of walking and cycling in the rain, snow and sun.

Not much else to report on. Have a great week!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Easter and Conference!

We had an amazing week this week! Lot's of lessons, always staying busy. We found a couple more investigators thanks to some awesome member missionary work! We as well had zone conference, where we pretty much just helped everyone set up their smartphones. As of this week, every missionary in the Nevada, Reno Mission has a smartphone. Crazy!
Breakfast of champions

I went on some awesome exchanges with Elder McGee that I forgot to get pictures for so my b!

But they were great. Reminded me of home, because we went to this trailer park and got to do some serious redneck-engineering! We got a massive boat off of a normal flatbed trailer onto a boat trailer on dry ground. Using hand winches, tires, and floor-jacks. It was pretty incredible! It felt like I was rebuilding the Provo City Center temple or something!

Elder McGee!


Then we were able to watch General Conference! That was so amazing! I felt so strongly that Russel M. Nelson is truly the prophet of God on the earth as we sustained him Saturday morning. Loved conference, and all of the changes are truly a testimony to me that the Lord is hastening his work, and is instituting a sort of "higher law" for the rising generation! It is a great day to be a missionary and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ on the earth today!

We got to watch one of the sessions with the Razo family, and they are doing super well! Well on their way toward baptism!

That's pretty much all folks!

Hope you have a great week, and happy Easter!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Fasts answered!

Wonderful week here in Reno!

Exchanges with Elder Gailey!

We found a new family to teach this week! A transfer ago we were on exchanges and we tried knocking on a less-active lady's door, but she wasn't home. As we were leaving, a young man named Chaison pulled up and we started talking! The lady had moved out, but Chaison was super interested! We gave him a pamphlet and a Book of Mormon and headed off. Well we weren't able to come back for our return appointment and we eventually lost contact, so we were bummed. But Elder Torres and I were in the area and we felt prompted to just swing by like on Tuesday. Well he was there and he had been reading the Book of Mormon! We came back the next day and had an amazing lesson with him and his girlfriend Laura! They are so prepared. Chaison is loving it and said he was so glad he let us come over! His name is pronounced like "Jason" but its spelled with a "CH" because he's "Chaison" the truth!!!

View from a bike-ride

Anyway, another amazing thing! ALL of the Razo family came to church this week! So awesome! They are still on track for baptism and we are super pumped! Best family ever. I will try to take a pic this week and send it next week!

Anyway, not much else went on! Have a great week, yall!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Smartphones, Sugar, Sickness and Snow

Wow! It has been a hectic last few days! So to start off, last Wednesday we had an amazing lesson with our investigators, Jennifer and Bailey, the one we gave the blessing to that doesn't have cancer now! Jennifer, the mom, has been really stressed out with trying to find a house in Cold Springs, but she said that after our lesson she was on like a spiritual high. We talked about the Restoration and specifically baptism by water and by fire (Holy Ghost) and she was soooo down. So she and her daughter Bailey (her other daughter Bodi soon, too!) have been set for baptism in April. We are going to keep working with them and see how things progress, they are so ready though! She said she is ready to grab on and never let go of the truth, and she's found it!

Selfie w/ Elder Torres and Eliason

Selfie w/ Elder Whetten and President Chesnut

Another flipping crazy thing that happened is that on Friday, at MLC we were shown like 4 hours of video and training about how to use our new smartphones, after having no technology for a year and a half. We thought we were just gearing up for this next round of Zone Conference in which we would get them, but the office missionaries then came in with boxes of phones! So right now, I have a fully functioning Samsung Galaxy J7 in my pocket! This is insane. It's like a loaded gun with no safety! There is so much potential in store for these things, but I just wish they came with like training wheels or something. Its been so long without a phone. We have even been tasked with getting a Facebook account. That was gross. It is to be used to help with proselyting by networking with ward leaders, members, less-actives, investigators, etc. So don't friend request me unless you are planning on moving to northern Reno and investigating the Restored Gospel!

But it has been a lot of fun, and a big adventure. I am loving my mission and all of the amazing skills I am learning. Our President as well was resistant to this technology at first, but he came to the conclusion that if a missionary cannot learn how to use a smartphone with purpose and discipline in the mission, when will they? So I am glad for this opportunity to learn and grow.

Selfie w/ Elizabeth Razo

Since I got a smartphone, most all of my pictures are selfies. Naturally. Man I make like the same face in all of these.

It has been a pretty swell week this week! Honestly I cannot remember what happened like the first half other than District Meeting which went well, and thats kind of it. We had dinner with a member at IHOP, and when it came my time to order, I panicked and ordered a stack of 4 chocolate chip pancakes... So that was a fun sugar high. The member was just laughing. Speaking of sugar-highs we made fudge this week! Not really sure why lol. But we did it, and we gave some to our neighbors downstairs because they let us mooch off their wifi! Never thought I would be saying that on my mission, but it makes it so we don't have to go to the church every time we want to do something on our phones lol.

Cruising with Elder Torres and Elder Sorenson!

We had a pretty fun SPC (Stake Presidency Committee) meeting on Wednesday. the High Councilor, the guy in charge, just got that calling, so he had no idea what was going on. It was super funny, though, and we were still able to get some good out of it. We created our report on our phones and beamed it to the phones of the people in attendance, so that was beast. There is so much crazy potential with these things, its unreal! And only one person asked if I was already on Facebook this week! :(

Elder Doig got pretty sick this week. So we were inside for 2 days straight. That has never happened on my mission before and it was kind of terrible. We were able to get a lot done in terms of digitizing records and doing some good work online, but I longed for the open sky. I felt like an albino or something! But the oasis came and we were able to go to church and work all day yesterday.

Our apartment complex after the snow.

Also it snowed like crazy. Lit.

Anyway, not much else to report! Have a great week and don't forget to serve someone!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Texas Toast and Healing Blessings

We had a wonderful week this week!

First off, I will not be getting transferred! I will remain up here in Cold Springs/Silver Lake at least another transfer with Elder Doig an Elder Torres. This was actually unexpected, because rarely in this mission do companions stay together for more than 2 transfers, and this will be my 3rd with Elder Torres. It's ok, I am his best friend so I'm sure he will enjoy it!

As well, this is Elder Torres' last transfer in the MISSION, so that will be kind of scary. I have never "killed off" a missionary before, but I'm sure he will sprint to the finish, so to speak.

The Cconas family

In other news, lot's of lessons and lot's of progression in our area. The Razo family came to church this week and that was an amazing miracle. I am so glad I get to stay another 6 weeks because I think we will likely have a few baptisms soon. Alex and Jennifer will be getting baptized/re-baptized within the next month most likely, and we will be setting the Razos with a date tonight! So pumped!

I know a lot more happened but to be honest I cannot really remember! One amazing miracle did happen last night, though. So we had been fasting yesterday, and I started feeling really sick, which usually doesn't happen, but we were like whatever. So we get to the long awaited dinner and it's some amazing lasagna with Texas  toast prepared by my Guyanese mother, Sister Davis, and so obviously I scarf it up. Well apparently fasting and then binge eating don't go well together, so my previous light nausea and headache turn into like, "Holy Cow my insides are exploding let me die now pls" sickness. As well, side note, pretty much every last Sunday of the transfer, as part of our assignment we host a "Why I Believe" fireside where recent converts/returning less-actives share their testimony and conversion story. So dinner ends about an 30 minutes before we need to be at the stake center in Reno to set up for this fireside, and I am like rolling around on the ground dying. I lay down and take some pepto and pain killers but it really didn't seem to do much. Well some other missionaries came over to our apartment, as we were going to give them a ride to the fireside. Well I got the idea to do a priesthood blessing, so I ask the other two missionaries to administer to me. After they pronounced the healing blessing on my head, I stood up and was ready to go. The symptoms weren't entirely gone, but has almost totally and immediately subsided. For the remainder of the night I was able to function without concern, and again my testimony of the priesthood is re-confirmed. Miracles happen and the priesthood of God is alive and well on the earth today.

 Our zone from Zone Conference

One last thing, another testament was given to me that we don't know always know what seeds we plant in the work of God! Two investigators Elder Jarnagin and I found by essentially knocking on a random door my last week in Gardnerville -- my first area -- were baptized this last week! I know that the Lord prepares people, and sometimes it is through us. That is why we cannot think that we aren't successful just because we don't see the outward results. No effort is wasted!

Anyway, not much else to cover! I am continuing to love this mission and the progression I am experiencing.

Have a great week!