Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Super Hot July

Espars is a great, but it's really hot!

Loving the dogs!

Speaking of heat, we are laying it down! We found 4 new investigators this week and we are having Hector's baptism on this Wednesday (the one that had to be rescheduled)!

And another dog.

Did I mention its hot here in Sparks?

As well, something I have been doing a lot in this area since I've been here is using the "Give Referrals, Get Referrals" mindset. For those who don't know, referrals are basically when someone else (often missionaries) give you a name and address/phone number of a person that they think could become an investigator. We have given away ALOT in this area since I've gotten here, but have received almost none. BUTTT... we just got word that a really solid investigator just moved into our area, and we are about to meet her tomorrow. So yay! Faith proceeds the miracle!

And one more.

Also, hope everyone had a great America day! We were gonna go watch fireworks and take lots of pictures, but by the time we finished our day, they stopped the fireworks!
It's ok God know's I love this chosen land and that's all that matters!

Trying on a a mask at a member's house.

Not much else going on but we are doing great and my Spanish is making ground!
This random Honduran guy invited us into his house for tacos and he was surprised I even spoke Spanish and then asked which one of my parents is from Mexico because I have a little bit of an accent. wutlol. But yeah, it's doing well!

Found this baby bird after it fell out of its nest.

Learning tons about faith and diligence out here, and it's so incredible to see all the progress these families and individuals are making because of living the gospel.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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