Thursday, June 29, 2017

Jumping Beef

Pretty shweet semana! 

We finally have a baptism this week! On Wednesday our investigator (who is 9) is getting baptised! We are excited because his taking the lessons has helped strengthen his less-active/part member family! They are doing family home evening now and making a real effort to get out to church.

We committed our other investigator with a baptismal date, Ruben, to live the Word of Wisdom, and he was super down! He gave us his coffee and we dumped it, I think that's the 3rd coffee canister I have dumped on my mission, lol. He also tried to give us his really expensive alcohol but we told him we couldn't really take it, so he dumped it out on the ground! It's crazy how much people can change when they start on the right path.

Dumping a member's coffee stash

We taught another family recently, and as we were teaching them they told us that they came to the conclusion that they need to be baptised! The only problem is that they both work on Sundays, so we are working on that now. Also! We used our bikes this week! It has been a while, but it was fun. We might have to use them a bit more often, as we are starting to run short on miles for our car. It's a great time to bike. Pretty much 90's every day! (Eww)

After a day of biking in the heat.

Had some awesome food at a Peruvian members house called Lomo Saltado(Jumping Beef), it was really good, and then I made the mistake of dumping about a pound of Peruvian hot sauce on it and I proceeded to die. Probably the hottest thing I have ever had. But it was still really good so I got seconds.

Learning a lot about diligence and patience this week. When you try your hardest to get someone to make commitments and they say they are going to and then they flake out, it sucks! It makes me realize how much Heavenly Father want's us to make correct decisions and how happy he is when we do! 

Cool Harley seen in our area.

Not much else this week, Hope everyone has a good one! 

Sorry these pictures are bad, there's really not much to take pictures of in Sparks. gonna keep looking for stuff tho!

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